Irish AR

So there are emails flying around in the background between my Abu Dhabi team. Ive lost my NEW Sidi bike shoes, cant find them since Gaelforce Cycle West. Im very annoyed. We are desperately seeking sponsorship. Chris just discovered there will be a short triathlon race through Abu Dhabi city to kick the festivities off. The break down can be found on our team blog. Its all go basically…our team blog is up and running, still needs lots of work, bit by bit.

I essentially started my 8 week training programme  for Abu Dhabi yesterday. But I am still feeling the effects, of exams, 24 hour bike races, travelling and having visitors so this week will be just ticking over until the weekend when I have a big bike day followed by a big trek or run day.

Today involves picking up my road bike from the repair shop (new cassette and derailleur/front mech) and a run around the hill across the way (Uetliberg) Id like to watch the rest of Mikes performance as Bobby Sands in `Hunger` also.

Laurie Chocolate Girl Photography
Laurie Chocolate Girl Photography

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