Check lists, check the list, list the check…

Almost there. I have not strayed far from any outdoor shop in the last week just in case I have forgotten something. Its hard to think of what I really need and what was really irritating me in the last race that made me think “must remember to bring that/or do that next time”

But I think Im there. The last week was a pretty light one with regards training volume. Just a few easy runs after the orienteering event, a swim, a 3 hour bike and some conditioning. I feel fine, good and strong and not carrrying any fatigue from the last month.

Teammate Brian Keogh is already in Abu Dhabi and our team captain Chris, will travel out with Eoin tomorrow and I will join them on Wednesday night. We will spend all day on Thursday at event briefings, equipment checks and skills tests and we will need the rest of that time to organise our gear. This involves putting it into specific bags for each stage, dividing our food into bags, marking maps and evaluating the race so we can develop the best strategy to suit out strengths.

I am lucky to be racing with my friends…I realised that today that not all teams have that luxury, some teams just get together and dont really know each other that well and they hope for the best whereas I am competing in a group with guys I get along really well with (we’ll see if Ill be saying that after the race!) but we have already all raced together plenty of times and we are aware of our weaknesses and strengths too.

I am also really lucky to have such a great group of supportive friends here in Zurich. Thanks to Jeff for lending me his spectacular baby to paddle in over the last few months and to both Becky and Jeff for the loan of the tent too!

Jeff Grants lettmann seakayak

Thanks to Nick for his bike know how and for lending us the Terra Nova tent. Grant Killian thanks for running a fabulous event so I could practice running up hills!

So. Without further ado I will get some sleep tonight. Tomorrow I will post the link to the leader board here and some last thoughts and I hope everyone will be checking it regularly to see how we are doing. Please feel free to leave comments here for us! You  may be able to also leave some through the event website. All the support helps!



4 thoughts on “Check lists, check the list, list the check…

  1. Go Fiola!! You are tough, and that combined with your positive attitude will make all the difference.

    Hope the tent is working well for you. We’ll be sending positive vibes from Zurich as much as possible!

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