Its is a time for some retrospection. Time to assess 2009 and give those moments where I learned something – attention. It is easy to forget and easy to make the same mistakes over and over again.


2009 was as tough a year as I remember it. The all time low was not the 1st big bike accident in May where I ripped my face open, but the second one in July which eliminated any possibility of recovering in time to compete in the Trans Alpes with Eoin Keith. I remember sitting in my friend Emily`s apartment in San Francisco and just crying with frustration at the situation. I had shattered my knuckle on a tiny fall on the one day I had been biking while on a work trip to Cali and there was nothing, absolutley nothing, I could do about it.


The all time high was the bounce back, winning the Todtnauberg 12 hour MTB race, coming 2nd in the Uetliberglauf in Germany, winning Gaelforcecycle West.  I needed to get back out there and race, to prove to myself that all the hard work hadn`t gone to waste. The Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge was also a very positive experience.

So, what have I learned?

  • To prioritize
  • To not to take so many risks
  • To define my goals and work towards them without getting sidetracked
  • To simply say “No” because it isn`t good for me
  • Where my strengths lie
  • That I can go the distance

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