2010 Ready Set Go

It seemed like such a good idea in December. What better way to ring in the 2010 than to do a midnight marathon, right? No sitting around and reflecting over a few drinks and hugging people I don`t even know, to pass the night. It would be much better to spend the first few hours doing something I love – running.

Well. Not really.

Especially after Abu Dhabi, a week of bad weather in Ireland, a 4.30am wake up call for a flight to Dublin that morning, 5 hours waiting for my Zurich connection and on top of all of that, the respiratory infection I have been dealing with for hmmm, 3 weeks now?

ANYWAY! I had signed up. I would do it! Thinking ” How bad could it be? I have felt much worse than this during adventure races”.

I arrived at Schlieren in time for a relaxed uncrowded registration and spent some time hanging out with Marco Wolf my new IM Zurich training buddy. But in the back of my head I was constantly debating on whether to downgrade or not to the half marathon. Im not normally like that before a race, usually Im full of beans and looking forward to getting stuck into it. In the end I decided to run the full and see how I felt coming into the half way mark and then make the decision.

The Start

We started out at midnight and I felt pretty good in the beginning. I must have been in the top 5 girls and felt comfortable. Holding back all the time, reminding myself it was a marathon after all. The course was a bit confusing and I was pretty disorientated, finding it hard to pinpoint what a lap was as I hadnt spent any time looking at the map beforehand.  The first lap took me 42 minutes so I would have been nicely on target for breaking 3 hours if I kept that up. Feeling surprisingly ok.

Lap 2

Then it went wrong. Stomach cramps, bad ones. I had to stop twice on the second lap they were so strong, find a bush, find another bush. This wasnt going well. Marco passed me at about 1 hour  30 mins and I remember telling him I was pretty out of it and didn’t know what lap I was on! He asked me if I was going to carry on and do the full, at that stage I hadnt decided but when I figured out I had 20km left to go, I decided that enough was enough and it wasnt going to do me any good to carry on feeling so sick. So I pulled out with a half marathon time of 1.42 and 11th place.


It could have been worse.  The winner of the full marathon did it in 3.15 so I was there or there about with my splits, were it not for the cramps and stomach problems it could have been an ok race. But Hey!


I spent the first 6 hours of 2010 running and drinking champagne with some really great, fun people. Then, on the 3rd and 4th I went snow shoeing with Ultraman.

Hopefully the rest of 2010 will be as much fun as the first few days!

Heres to an injury free year, full of sport, friends, a good job and lots of new experiences!


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