Gags – Red Bull auf Deutsch

Gearoid Towey – Hero

One of my greatest friends and adventurers backed by red Bull in an attempt to row across the Atlantic – featured here in the Red Bull newsletter.

I`ve known Gags (Gearoid) since I was about 15 years old and training with some girls from his rowing club in Fermoy on the Irish Junior National Rowing Team. All the girls had a crush on him, me included. Then we became great friends over the years, sharing training camps and the bizarre lifestyle of a lightweight rower.

After years of dominating International lightweight rowing at an Olympic level, Gags turned his hand to expedition length adventure racing and any type of challenge that pushes the body and mind beyond the barriers of sanity.  He has transcended the out of body experiences that pure physical exhaustion introduces by pursuing acting. But something tells me that the adventure isn`t quite over, yet…

Watch this space…

Read the article on p.15  here

Lesen Sie hier den Artikel, p.15


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