Endurance Rocks!

Wow! Its been a busy week of busy-ness.

Despite having a training programme to follow I overdid it, clocking up a whopping 18.5 hours of sports by accident. But every minute of it was enjoyable. I feel particularly well at the moment and I will keep this up through next week but then I will need a ‘down’ week with a lighter load.

Probably the highlight of the week was yesterday’s bike spin with Marco. After coming off my bike on a sheet of pure ice in the last 10 metres of snow and ice covered fireroad (causing him to fall a split second afterwards) I then managed to get us both completely lost. I blame the shock of the little fall.

But we rewarded ourselves with hot chocolate and pastries in a bakery on the way home.

There were lots of jokes when I said I would need some anti inflammatories for my ass. At least it took my mind off of my toes which, after nearly four hours on the bike, had turned a peculiar shade of cerise pink.

On Sunday I then went for a fabulous snow shoe tour with Christian Schneider. Christian is a very modest and talented ultra-marathoner who has a 14th place finish to his name in last year`s Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc and a 4th place in the Swiss Alpine Marathon.

We drove in the direction of Sargans, taking a right turn just before Glarus up towards Obersee. Although a bit hairy driving up the mountain at times, as the road was covered in icey patches, we were rewarded with clear blue skies at the car park as we set out on what Christian estimated would be a 3 hour tour. We met a lady with 8 huskies and lots of sledding equipment getting ready in the car park, I dont know how one person could control all of those dogs!

The entire tour took us about 5 hours and it was great. Although I know how to use snow shoes, Christian takes this to a new level. He told me he has been snow shoeing for no less than 18 years and it was pretty impressive to watch him decend drop -knee in telemark style on the steeper sections. I was a complete coward and went down on my (sore) bum! There were tracks everywhere from people who use the area for ski touring.

I will definitley go back there with my skis, although I love snow shoeing, I feel you make a big compromise by not being able to ski down all that fresh powder! I was insanely jealous to see all those perfect zig zags down the hills from people who had skied through the fresh powder. It seemed like such a missed opportunity to have to walk and slide down it on snow shoes!


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