Introducing my new boyfriend Solus Prime

Monday mornings are TOUGH

I spent the weekend with my friends Abi and Marc at Melchsee Frütt which is a little village in the Canton of Kerns nestled between the Joch Pass and Stöckalp, some of you might have remembered previous excursions there during the summer.

Despite having great intentions of doing a big ski and snow tour on Sunday along a fabulous saddle up onto a ridge to eventually ski down into the village, the weather was not on our side and due to a lack of visability and general unsafety (heavy snowfall and our local guide, Marc also having to abandon us after 20 minutes as his knee was bothering him) we decided to abandon our plan and stick to some routes around the valley floor instead.

Introducing my boyfriend

I have also been thinking a lot about what to do with  Solus Prime when he arrives. He comes from a place in Austria called KTM. Hopefully he will be in Switzerland in about a month (the long distance thing isnt really working out so he will come to live with me in Switzerland).  I really want to go somewhere warm with him in March.  Somewhere I can spend at least 5 days of hard work on him to regain some of the  fitness I will have undoubtedly lost over the winter.  Spain is a great option, offering the opportunity to introduce him to some old friends in Girona,  combined with some quality time together.

The question is when to go? I may have to travel to California on business at the end of the month and Solus is still not 100% sure when he can make the move to Zurich,  so everything is on hold until I have those two gems of information at hand.

Isn`t he handsome!

Altitude Camp

Another plan is to spend 5 days at altitude in May to really increase the red blood cell count and increase that VO2 max. I have been doing some online research and came across some conflicting opinions.  It is always a highly debated topic. But anyone I have talked to who have done high altitude training camps have praised its benefits. If I intend, regardless to spend 5 days preparing for summer racing why not do it at altitude since I live in Switzerland! Logical. Now the question is, where to go. Friends of mine have a place at Bivio 1,800mtres, near the Julier Pass (great for biking) with a swimming pool nearby and plenty of trails to run.  It would mean sleeping at 1,800 and training above 2,400mtrs on the bike and foot to get the benefits. It would be not so convenient to sleep at sea level and train above 2,000mtrs or vice versa here, as I dont have a car.

Thats the news then. Lots of plans. But first I`ll try to get through at 2 hour run this evening…one step at a time.


3 thoughts on “Introducing my new boyfriend Solus Prime

  1. Neverrrr Ms O’Hagan! I had the option to thrash or spam that comment hehehhe! Just kidding! I gotta try to keep up with ye at least. Triathlete? No. Multisporter? Yes!!

  2. Hey Fiola,
    Great article,Im jealous of your new boyfriend.Thats a serious race program for the year.
    Im heading to Malaga Spain for 10 days in mid March for some serious training.My mates are going on a 40th party for the weekend so Im just going to meet them on the evenings but cycle in the mountains for the 10 days. Will be on the bike all day touring if your interested.I also might be going to Germany to visit a friend in Freiburg in the Black Forest after that in early April so might give you a shout.

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