Sponsors-Thank You

I just can`t thank the below brands and people behind them enough for supporting me with gear and little things that make training and competing less of a a financial burden.

Being a multi-sport athlete means tons of gear. Mountain bikes, road bikes, time trial bikes different backpacks, shoes, swim gear, bike gear, kayak gear, adventure racing specific equipment, the list goes on and on and so does the investment required to even have the basic gear! But  knowing that there are people out there who will stand behind you and help you grow and improve means so much.

Alain Baumann of Net Cycle:

Bill and Martina from Mountain Focus in Silva Plana:

Innov8 Running Shoes have agreed to support me in 2010! Expect to see some insights into why I choose them for racing and training!

I have a sensitive stomach and I have found it hard to get my hands on a carb drink that doesn`t upset it after a few hours. So I use Winforce nutritional products. If you want to give it a go then come out for a run or a bike ride with me and earn it : )

Osprey Backpacks and Rob in the UK:

Here is also a list of results from the last few years:





3 thoughts on “Sponsors-Thank You

  1. Hoi, you need to add an http:// in the WinForce link – it’s currently broken. (Can’t click on the image to go to their site.)

    Hope this is helpful, keep on blogging and inspiring people! 😉

  2. “If you want to give it a go then come out for a run or a bike ride with me and earn it : )”

    I’m certain I’m not fit enough yet. 😉 Working on it…

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