Thanks Dave!

As you can see by my very unhappy face I totally havent been enjoying myself recently on the trails. Thanks to Dave for the photo and also for leading us to some awesome trails over the last few weekends.


This is the map of the area we were biking over the last few outings. I had done the same trails a few times already with Dave, Nick and Stu and some of the others last year and this year but last weekend Dave was determined to try out a trail from the ridge at Höhronen (1205mtrs) back down to Biberbrugg where we had gotten off the train. What a way to kick off the season! This trail has everything! Lots of technical roots, some little drops, soft pine covered forest ground covered in pine needles and trees everywhere. Steep in most sections it was quite demanding on the arms but it was such a buzz! I finally feel like I am back on form after last year and my confidence is building again.

The Maxlight and Mavic Crossmax`s are handling these trails well. I am just on the border of comfort on the more technical and steeper sections but really glad to have the light bike on the climbs. However, come summer time, when we are doing longer days in the Alps with rocks and bumps everywhere, I hope to have the Specialized Saphire back in action again (with help from Nick) so I can relax a little more and let the bike work more for me.

And here is a photo of some of the guys I spend the weekends out and about with, somewhere near Pfannensteil about to descend what was a lovely section of trail towards Meilen.

(From left to right: Greg, Stuart, Nick, Andrew, me and Silvain)

So. Here`s to plenty more injury-free fun this summer! Yesterday I took the road bike out for a spin from Zurich towards Heidingen and over the Albis-Pass. I was a little surprised by my lack of speed, it took me 1hour 45 to cover a measly 38km (ok, I had a route change in the middle as I was going to go to Lucerne initially, and there was after all, the little climb over the Albis thrown in there for good measure)  but still? I was going very very slow, however totally enjoying being out in the sun and having fun.


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