The Bike Bug

It happened last year and its happening again this year! The biking bug is back and digging its teeth into anyone living in Switzerland who even moderately likes cycling.

Zurich has been transformed from one day to the next into bike capitcal with the streets full of the hippest city bikes. I have friends dropping a small fortune to buy the coolest little rads to zip around Zurich`s bike lanes. Whole families are taking to the forests for picnics. Hobby riders dressed from head to toe in team kit have begun their annual “must get in shape for the summer climbs” campaigns and mountain are bikers flying around single tracks as if being chased by the mob.

Its great.

I have been bitten too. Just in time.

In the last week I clocked a ridiculous amount of mileage,  362 km. And a stupid amount of climbing (3,000mtrs) in my first real week back on the bike.

I over enthusiastically did the Albis Pass, twice.

A Thursday night ride with the English Forum crowd.

A time trial with Nick and Stu to visit our friend Ross Barry in Baden.

On Saturday I rode out with Jeff, Becky, Kat, Jack and Liselore from Sargans over a 24% gradient hill to Lichtenstein and back. It was such a great ride. I love buzzing along with people and the challenge of climbing a big hill.  But as usual, I was cursing my incompatible components and stupidly inappropriate gear ratios during the climb. Our friend Chris pointed out some interesting observations about my road bike (it has a Sora rear derailleur, Integra front derailleur and a mountain bike cassette which was added last year) But it is in for a service to Backyard on the second week in May so Id like to get it sorted out for once and for all.

Bringing me on to a sore point about my much awaited for KTM bike. Without going into too much detail, it appears as though that is not going to happen. Radio silence from KTM ireland means I dont have a confirmation, but I am interpreting that as a negative indication that my much anticipated machine will not be arriving this year. Disappointing.

Then today just a little jaunt on the mountain bike. I am enjoying every minute of it even though I feel a little tired after a party at my friend`s house last night.

But it has to stop. Actually, I have no choice. I cant even fathom how I could bike to the nearest shop to buy milk right now, I feel so tired!

It wont last long though as on Wednesday we will ride with Emma Pooley (Beijing Silver medallist for GB and Cervelo racing team member). I doubt that my legs will get much rest again this week! There is a rumour we will go from Zurich to Ratenpass and back, with pizza at the end. Brilliant…pizza, pizza (Ill just keep thinking of the reward to keep me going)

Route looks something like this:

Some of the views from the ride home today from Egelsee…


3 thoughts on “The Bike Bug

  1. fi, that is an amazing number of Ks! i’ll count myself as one of those trading a small fortune for the quick buzz of flying around the city, dodging trams and wayward pedestrians. there’s nothing better!!

    1. Oh. Sure…we live parallel lives Kaleigh. I treated myself to one of those last year with my first paycheque but now some geezer with no appreciation for bikes at all is riding it around town after picking my Kryptonite lock at Hardbruke : ( but I`m sure your new steed has a lucky angel watching over it!

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