Smashing Summer Sun and Fun


I can’t believe it. After months of rain and pretty rappy weather, summer has hit Zurich and hit it big time. We are sitting in pools of sweat in the office, feet are swelling, hands are sticky and the fans don’t come close to cooling us down. It is just GREAT.

And looking at this photo makes me wish I were near that glacier again


Training has been going so-so. I think that whenever I try to increase the volume I start to get niggling injuries so its a bit of a fine line between how much is too much. But I’m comfortably sitting on the border of about 20 hours a week and I think that is enough right now. The weekends are big, and consumed with long sessions and during the week its basically time trials to work, runs or swims at lunch and time trials home or runs home.

Last night I tried to run home through the woods. That wasnt really possible and it took me about 2.5 hours to cover about 13km as I had to back track, climb, loop and go cross country to find a way back to Zurich. But it was fun, and it was in the shade. Two major plus factors!


I have picked up 2 new supporters. Alain Baumann from Net has been supporting me all year. He is a great guy. A well-known figure in Zurich on the track scene, he does wonders for the development of cycling here in Zurich.

Check him out and on Facebook. I like.

He is supporting me in the Ironman with some great kit and the raddest wheels I have ridden, (see the ITM Phantoms below) I don’t know myself on the bike anymore. They keep me company with a gentle whirring noise. So I am nearly there, I just need to get used to riding with aerobars and then I will be all set! No excuses!  

Also Osprey backpacks, have been reading the blog and they also going to support me with some gear. I am really looking forward to receiving some of their awesome equipment. Check back here cause Ill be writing about their latest 2011 hydration back pack the Raptor 11. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love the Talon backpack I reviewed here before, now lets see if the Raptor lives up to its big sister! Hopefully I will have the chance to try it out either in the Mountain Man or the Inferno Triathlon and the Radys Mountain Marathon (looking for a partner)

Well. Last weekend was pretty great. 130km on the bike with a friend from Zug – Schwyz – Sattelegg and back to Lachen – Zurich. We overheated by the time we were in Horgen so just HAD to jump in the lake and have an ice-cream.

This weekend I will do another big one although my week has been a disaster training wise. But I guess there will always be weeks like this when life’s demands interfere with sport. But I feel good and strong and that is the main thing! Looking back on my performance in Rheinfelden I have been including some more intensity to my training to get used to the feel of it and try to figure out how to increase my heart rate on the bike.

On another note it was really great to see Sebastian Sxay, a good friend of mine, do so well in the Grand Raid! Well done Wilsa! Race report here

So! Stay tuned. Some gear reviews to come, report from an altitude training camp and lots more!


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