Cycling in 37 degree heat

I have never sweated so much in my entire life (outside of a sauna)

I sweated less in the desert in Abu Dhabi as I did on Saturday on our epic bike ride.

It was my idea to do a nice long ride in the lovely sunshine on Saturday. The emails went back and forth starting with a few girls, then some boys wanted to come along and the idea to ride from Zug over the Raten Pass to Ibergeregg and over to Pragel and a brutal climb to round it all off was born.

We were a group of 6 on the train in Zurich HB.

By the time we got to Einsedeln, only one pass down, we were 3 riders down. Succumbed to the heat they made a good choice in damage limitation by heading hombound towards Zurich and only Balazs, Nick and I were left. The Three Stooges.

So off we trundled down along the Sihlsee towards Ibergeregg. It was hot, and it got hotter, and by the time we reached Unteriberg I think we were about to spontaneaously combust so we stopped to get a coke and cool down before hitting the hills.

Ibergeregg was tough but we managed ok. Just kept moving and reaching the top we looked forward to a great descent however, it was another story when it came to Pragel Pass. That was much trickier and Nick was beginning to feel sick. Balazs managed to keep grinding his fabulous Ridley with inappropriate gearing up the hill and suffered good naturedly all the way to the top. I have never been so happy to reach the top of a hill as when we reached Pragel. I was cooked. On the way back we made so many stops to take a break from the heat, at the valley in Ziegelbruke we recorded 36degrees and stopped to jump into a water fountain to cool down. I felt like my skin was on fire.

That night it was hard to recover. A headache combined with an elevated heartrate and a crazy thunderstorm kept me awake until 10.30pm.

The next day, Sunday, I went to Engadine with Sukarna to get photos done for various sponsors and the Outsider Magazine article I am working on regarding altitude training, Osprey, and Innov-8 sponsors. I cant wait to see them. They will be absolutely stunning shots and it was so much fun to work with Oliver, his professionalism and patience was really impressive and although the day was long and we shot in about 6 different locations, the time flew by.

After this last big bike weekend the idea is to take it relatively easy for the next two weeks. I want to concentrate on resting, quality brick sessions with shorter duration but more intensity. I will need to make sure I have my transition organized and nutrition is planned down to the last gel!

The latest news I have is I now have an entry in the Inferno triathlon! A month after the Ironman Zurich, I should have recovered, moved into my new apartment and had some time to get used to vertical running and biking again. The inferno claims to to be the worlds highest and one of the most difficult triathlons out there. I wonder how I will cope!

Well. Photos to come, tapering report on the way and the wind up to competition and preparation begins! 2 weeks to go!


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