From home to Klausen and back – 178km

What a brilliant day yesterday! I am totally inspired to live in Horgen and I feel so much closer to the mountains. Dreams are coming true.

On Wednesday evening on the way back from an evening ride around Pfannensteil with my friends Nick, Stuart and Woodsie I made a new friend on the ferry. Up rocks a really friendly Swiss guy – with a nice Erox TT bike and the conversation started something like “isch hurd shcelok chli guetli aosuhfff” So I once again totally embarassed reply with “mmm erm mein Deutsche ist nicht so gut, sprachen Sie Anglisch?” and to my relief I was understood.

But while we were chatting, the ticket collector appears and it turns out my new cycling buddy had forgotten his wallet and needed a kind stranger to pay his fare ; ) Its nice to be able to help someone else every now and then! Turns out that the friendly stranger lives in Horgen, is a multi-sporter/ultra-biker preparing for a relay team attack on the Tortour in two weeks – Switzerlands take on the RAMM (but a lot shorter) or Race Around Ireland. Ok, its only 1,000km long, but here is the killer; its got 15,000mtrs of altitude gain.


Sometimes I think that crazy’s find other crazys quite easily in this big world (on that note there seems to be a higher proportion of crazies in Switzerland than anywhere else Ive been) So although I was debating mountain biking in Lax or Oberwalden this weekend, the weather was looking great for Saturday and when the opportunity arose to do a nice long road tour I chose the latter.

Yesterdays Ride

Horgen – Klausen – Horgen

The weather was perfect, blue skies, not the 37deg heat of 3 weeks ago but a nice cool breeze to stay fresh. Nevertheless there was plenty of sweat on the climbs!

I was surprised at my form as I had been feeling very tired all week. But I took Friday easy, just a 75minute steady swim and by Saturday morning I seemed to have recovered again from some long mountain bike rides and runs over the week. I felt good on the climbs and held up pretty well. I think we did the trip in under 7 hours.

The view on the way up Klausen

So it was a fun day all round. We stopped at Fluela, had a nice big piece of cake each and some coke as we were both feeling the distance and then the rest of the ride back to Horgen flew by. The only bit I didnt really like was the ride back up to Sattel as that road was quite busy and just felt like it was dragging on. But I was really happy to find out that all these little towns I had been visiting through the year and last year by train from Zurich to set off on Pass rides are now only over the hill from me! I will ride from home from now on (I never really liked riding down the Zurisee to get to the hills)

The president of the Free Radicals triathlon club, Anne Toepelt also lives up the road from me in Horgen and I had the pleasure of spending time with her on Friday evening. So it looks like there are a lot of like-minded people on this side of the lake, I wont be short of people to play with!

Now – back to work tomorrow after my week of rest and recuperation. It flew past. It seems as though just living and training is a full-time job, never mind the actual full time job!


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