This is a fun post…

I was asked about these flapjacks I ate during the Inferno triathlon. Well. Flapjacks are made from rolled oats, you know, the ones you buy in the supermarket to make porridge or whatever else you like do with them.

Rolled oats are Haferflocken in German und in Schwyzer Dütsch “haferflocke”

Flapjacks are good-looking, wholesome, high energy (slightly unhealthy) bars that can apparently (tried and tested people) keep you going for 12 hours up and down mountains.

Images (ignore the pancake pics – apparently Americans think Flapjacks are pancakes – see wiki explanation)

Wikipedias description of a Flapjack

I made these little guys before the Inferno. I have never really like eating energy bars, I dislike the taste and consistency of most of the brands except for perhaps Clif bars and Pro Bars but they have to be mail ordered in Switzerland and Probars come all the way from the States. So I decided to experiment with some recipes I found online and I settled for the one below from Delia Smith:

I actually added seeds and raisins to mine and to finish them off, I melted some chocolate and placed each one of the bars on it, let the chocolate go hard and wrapped each one in a little aluminium foil and stored them in various little pockets in my clothes and on the bike.

Totally delicious and natural sports food!

I also just came across this great great website full of ideas for my next culinary experiment: Kombucha Chic

Enjoy and let me know if you have tried any variations!


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