Fun Runs and Rides

Its been a great few weeks since the Inferno! Although I nearly always enjoy training its a different feeling to go out biking and running without a goal and to stop and have a cup of coffee or simply enjoy the views from the tops of the hills!

Ive been exploring the local trails in Horgen. There are a labryinth of excellent running and biking single tracks on Horgenberg which lead along that ridge where you can drop down to Sihlbrugg and up onto the Albis and a brutal climb when I feel particulary energetic.

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Yesterday I met friends Annika, Daniel and Xaver at Arth Goldau to bike up Rigi, down into Kusnacht (LU) and Lucerne. The climb up was brutal. So steep and unrelenting. We stopped for a half an hour at the top for a coffee and to enjoy just being there but we couldnt see a thing because of the clouds. But this is what it would look like on a good day and also give you some idea of the elevation


The beginning of the downhill trail was really messy and full of walkers who were just as nervous as we were about getting hit! It was also gravel which is not my favourite terrain, then followed by some big nasty rocky sections with deep divots forcing you to be very precise about picking a line. I made it through and even doubled back to ride a section I had messed up on picking a line and on the second attempt I cleared it. That was a confidence booster!

But as soon as we rode that first section we came to a cross roads where we could choose to ride in the direction of Arth Goldau again or towards Kusnacht, we decided for the latter and to explore a little and we picked up THE SWEETEST single track! It was totally and utterly awesome. Starting off with a fast grassy section along a fence it led into the woods with rooty bumps and wooden steps shallow enough to bop down. I picked up some speed and on my hardtail I felt as though I was “running away with myself” so about mid way I stopped to take a breather otherwise I knew I would risk making a mistake! But it was just simply great and the reason I mountain bike.

A ride back to Lucerne from there we picked up some more little single tracks in the woods and just before we hit the city proper, our local guide, Xaver, asked us if we wanted to check out the trail he only does on a good day? We thought, yeah, sure what the hell, we’ve made it this far. Famous last words. I dropped my seat as it was a little narly and steep – determined to run it I set off and rode straight into the baby pine trees, RIP one of them and the other broke my fall scratching a nice chunk out of my upper arm and doing the same with the addition of some nice bruising to my right leg! No big deal but I definitely woke up a few times last night reminded of the encounter!

Well. Thats all for now. Thanks friends for a great day out. Im off on foot this morning for a long trail run – the weather is just fabulous!


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