I think blogging is better done frequently rather than not. Its like yoga. Frequency is important, otherwise the volume of news becomes overwhelming.

I will try to provide a short update so.

Since my last post, I have been busy, hence the absence of friendly updates. Busy with work and training and basically, life. I am training less than during the summer months, mostly running, but sometimes I wonder how I managed it all during the summer months when I was on my bike most evenings and swimming at lunch or in the morning (nevermind the running sessions too)!

I have also been enjoying spending time with my friends and cultivating relationships that suffered while I was dedicating every free minute to Ironman and Inferno preparation.

During the month of September I did quite a few mountain biking trips but since October the weather has gradually gotten colder and I have just been running – and really enjoying it. The last mountain biking trip of the year was a bit of a disaster not least because of the snow covered mountain we had intended on biking  but because after about 1.5 hours of hike a bike on that snow covered mountain,  I broke the drop out or hangar on my rear derailleur so I didnt even get to ride the non snow covered and eagerly anticipated trail! Here are some pre-disaster photos of Stu, Daniel Baumli, Matthias and Martin. Despite the conditions we enjoyed being out and about.



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