We are hardcore? 1950`s Cyclocross Heroes

I just came across this video through a friend`s tweet. It reminds me of what we do when we are adventure racing and right now, makes me feel like such a sissy as I dont get out on my bike anymore because of the cold weather and dark mornings and evenings.

I love the commentary with the strong accent and how they know so much about the competitors “the lad in the right is a manager of Tesco`s…”

They talk about one guy who is a “top class ref and he goes out training for refereeing and he runs backward down the road, he`s been run over twice. Aye he`s a referee he is…from the Stanley Club”

At 4.30 they talk about a guy with a bike and flat handlebars  “Theres Rob Atkinson…that must have been the first ever mountain bikes – must have been his idea, maybe – early 60`s”

But best of all is what they say about the poor young lad at 5.47 with the cool haircut “here`s the lad with the quip at the front that keeps getting in the way…looks like someone with a pair of scissors has given him a short back and sides….”




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