A Spate of bad luck, 3 Spates

It has been a challenging week!

Incident No. 1

On Sunday I had a wonderful day in the hills with my friend Benjamin. We ran about 24 km in fabulous weather, blue skies and amazing views of the moutains around Obersee and Schwyz.

It was really breathtaking. It was Benjamin`s first time on the trails and although not as quick on the downhils Im sure he was bitten by the bug as we had some really sweet single track runs along the top of the ridge overlooking Rothenthurm. I would really recommend that section to anyone who loves trail running.

The full route:

Some photos from Benjamins Picasa album Einsiedeln Running

However, on the way down a paved road towards the end of our run I felt a sharp pain in my left knee and couldnt put weight on that leg for a few steps. It felt a lot like what had happened to me in a skiing accident a year and a half ago where I strained some ligaments in my knee. But after a few steps the pain resided and I was able to run, albeit cautiously back to Einsiedeln village.

It didnt hurt for the rest of the day, nor did it swell but it feels as though I have strained a ligament and it doesnt feel stable. Last night I ran on it and it was ok again. But I will have to cut back on my running mileage, do a lot of strengthening work and spend more time on the bike instead.

Incident No 1.5

Monday I went to the doctor to get the results of a blood test and confirming my suspicions my iron levels were quite low. She said she would like to see them at 100 but I was at 37. Ensue 45 minutes at the end of a drip for an iron infusion.

At least I have an explanation for how I have been feeling for the last few weeks. I would sleep up to 30 hours on the weekends and be in bed at about 9.30 sometimes in the evenings sleeping until 7.30 For most people that might seem normal but when you work, and try to fit in around 15 hours of training a week, sometimes up to 20 hours you get used to sleeping 7.5 hours and dealing with a little tiredness. I wasnt dealing well recently! So I am going to have to take a better look at my diet and pay more attention to recovery from training.

Incident No. 2

On Tuesday I went for my lunchtime swim at Männedorf Hallenbad with my colleague Vincenzo. The pool is often quite full during lunchtime but it starts to clear at about 12.20.

This particular lunchtime there was an unusual amount of particularly vicious frog kickers in the fast lane (they were obviously geographically misplaced) and it was really dangerous to try and swim around them without being kicked in the face. In the end, it wasnt a frog kicker that destroyed my swim fun…but a guy, overtaking another person in our lane.

As I was really concentrating on a long strong entry into the water my hand met with some part of his shoulder or head and a flash of white pain as I realised what had happened. I took a breather by the end of the pool, he followed me to check if I was ok. Yeah, I was fine, it hurt but doesnt it always? So I kept on swimming. When I left the pool later it was still hurting..and a lot…and too much…so I grabbed some anti-inflamms and taped it up for the afternoon as it was already swelling.

Day 3

Incident No. 3

So. On that same evening. I got on my bike home from work. Took the ferry and on my way to pick up some shopping I realized that my house keys were not where the SHOULD be in my bag. I turned it inside out and cursed myself for not having already hidden the spare key as I had promised I would do in case this happened.

A range of options ran through my head.

1. Go back and look for the keys at work (it was only 1915 after all and not raining so the 25km bike ride could be pleasant)

2. Call a friend in Horgen to stay on his sofa

3. Call work colleague to stay at her house in Adliswil

4. Go back to work

5. Get a hotel

6. Call my landlady (not an option – I definitely dont want her to think I am a scatterbrain)

7. Go back to work

I went back to work

I found my keys, in my other practically identical Osprey Talon backpack. I had grabbed the Orange one istead of the mustard one I had taken to work that morning. At least I had my keys, and training done and I could go home and relax for the evening.

So. Things happen in threes right? Well, thats four. Ive made up for it in one week.


4 thoughts on “A Spate of bad luck, 3 Spates

  1. THUMB COMPASS! I’ve been looking for one, was wondering where you picked that one up? I bet: it probably wasn’t in Switzerland, so won’t help me much, but still worth asking! 😉

    I hope you’ve exhausted your quota of bad for the next six months!

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