Big News! Ecuador Here We Come!

First Ill start with the small news. Its time for Grant Killian‘s Untamed Switzerland Autumn event. This year it will be in the Züri Oberland area (an area of higher ground at the edge of the Canton of Zurich and near to the border with St. Gallan) and I am going to run around with Alex Dimitriou who Staffan Källbäck and I met at the freezing cold Jura Raid Adventure Race last May, we couldnt get rid of Alex and his teammate who were nipping at our heels for about 6 hours.


The entire course is about 50km long with about 3,000mtrs of altitude gain, however it is not expected that anyone will clear the entire course. But god loves triers right? If the course is anything like last year it will be highly entertaining, Grant is a master of course design and good decision making and tactics will be rewarded. It can be done on foot or by bike (we chose by foot) and it will be excruciatingly cold this Saturday with predicted temperatures of -5! But it will be a good opportunity to get to know my new team mate a bit better and kick start our preparations for Ecuador.

Im also keen to try out these babies (Inov-8 Oroc 230) that arrived in the post this evening. Thanks Inov-8!

But I will have to see if the conditions are suitable to take them on a baptismal run this weekend. I ran for 2 hours in them this evening but it was so dark I didnt want to go alone on the trails along the Horgenberg ridge so the little metal spikes on the soles were a little annoying on some of the paved surfaces.

I think they will be better on pure trail, snow and ice but I don’t want to tempt fate for this weekend!

The BIG News

Bringing me on to the next event news which is bigger than the previous announcement about the Zurich Bezerker and the new Inov-8`s.

I will race in a team at the AR World Series HuairaSinchi in Ecuador next March!

Lars Bukkehave (a member of the Danish team we were neck and neck with in Abu Dhabi) got in touch about 2 weeks ago to see if I was free to race with him and 2 other Danish guys. Unfortunately one of our original teammates already had to pull out of the race due to a fall of the mtb (wishing him a speedy recovery) which prompted me to approach Alex if he would be interested in racing. It took him about 1 hour to decide and now he is our 4th team member.

I will have lots to write about our preparation, the race itself and some great support we have already secured from sponsored but first, meet the team:

The Team

Lars Bukkehave

Alex Dimitriou

Morten Kvist Carl


2 thoughts on “Big News! Ecuador Here We Come!

  1. You’re way to generous with your assessment of my skills, and it really is a group effort (Mark Dowsett has been instrumental in getting this Berserker course together this year). Of course, we’re excited to see you compete on Sat!

    Looking forward to having you and your team carry me and my team through to the finish line Ecuador next year! Do you mind towing 4 Americans for the entire race?

    1. What makes you think that we are the ones who are going to do the towing? “Compete” on Saturday – are we competing for a special prize for a mixed team? Otherwise we will just be out there drinking hot toddies with some fruit cake to keep us warm haaaa

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