The Bierathlon is here!

This weekend I will compete in the Bierathlon as part of a couple team called the Irish Rovers with fellow Free Radicals teammate Tony Long. Tony is originally from Cork and he is a pretty nifty runner.

We will be up against some tough competition in the form of Bierathlon veteran and organizer Markus Köhl and Liselore who can be seen in photos from my Inferno Triathlon report.

Anyone care to share some tips?

Here are some of the challenges I foresee:

  • Carrying a crate of beer for 8km
  • Drinking 1.5 litres of beer and running 8km
  • Keeping the beer in my stomach
  • Burping on call to eliminate gas
  • Stopping the green face paint from running onto our green clothes
  • Making it to the party afterwards
  • Getting up on Sunday morning for a snow shoe tour



One thought on “The Bierathlon is here!

  1. This one doesn’t require carrying your own beer, or holding it all in…in fact, the technical chunder may very well save your life as the entire volume of 5% ABV beer is 360 fluid ounces (more than 10 liters). But, there have been three runnings of the 30-Pack Marathon so far and I am tempted to put on the 4th running this summer in England. The prior runnings were:
    2008-Tucson, Arizona
    2009-El Paso, Texas
    2010-Jacksonville, Florida

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