Christmas Time in Ireland

It has been a great week so far at home in Ireland. We have been hit with the coldest weather in the history of Ireland so it is the topic of conversation and makes for s great distraction. The novelty has begun to wear off though as houses are left without water because of pipes freezing and families missing members because they have not been able to travel. Luckily all members of the Foley clan were able to get home. Cian and Sue Ann were here until the 22nd, they spend Christmas with my sister in law’s family every second year. Ultan arrived on the evening of the 23rd and Liam only  has to come from Galway where he is studying.

I have been running since I have been home except for one gym session. When I arrived on the 18th I ran in the Dublin mountains with Eoin Keith and again the following day. For the first time since I know Eoin he suffered a little on a run with me. He hadnt been running for 6 weeks because of a broken collarbone and it was still pretty impressive how he threw himself into 2hr+ runs on consecutive days! Our runs in the Dublin Mountains were absolutely spectacular. There was quite a lot of froze snow on top of Tree Rock making for quite technical running on the descents. The views were spectacular.

Since I have been home I also met up with Donncha Cutriss another AR friend of mine who is a Race Around Ireland ultra cyclist. We did another 2 hour run in the Killarney National Park and had a delicious bowl of soup and sandwiches in Jam, Killarney afterwards.

Yesterday I ran in the Killarney National Park again. It was spectacular. I have never seen Killarney like this. I was awe struck. There are some photos in my Flickr album here:

I have had a niggle in my left foot, just below the ankle bone spreading into my calf muscle. Initally I thought it was a tight calf and achilles but now I have discovered that it is quite swollen, still acute. It seems to be an inflammation of the peroneal tendons that are involved with stability and flexion of the ankle joint. Looks like I will need to rest from running for a few days to allow it to return to normal. Tomorrow I will climb with some friends in the Paps Mountains near the Co. Cork and Co. Kerry border and on the 27th I hope to go ice climbing with a friend of mineNathan Kingerlee, who owns Outdoors Ireland. Here are some of the videos he has taken of recent fun in the mountains:

Carrauntoohil Snow Field from Outdoors Ireland on Vimeo.



One thought on “Christmas Time in Ireland

  1. Looks like good active holidays! 🙂 We have snow again since yesterday, making for real white christmas. Not sure if I can drag myself out for a run, though.

    See you next year!

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