Wieder Züruck in Zurich de nuevo

Back home. Or my home away from home.

It`s always a hard day – the day you leave your mother and family in Ireland to return to the other world you live in, especially when there are a few other countries separating you. Those of you who have also lived away from their family and birth place for some years may go through the same psychological torture over and over again – people are always surprised if I say I feel homesick, or I miss my family “but you have been away for so long now I did`nt think you would get homesick anymore” but that`s just how it is…it does`nt get easier with age.

I am thankful for airplanes. They help.

Christmas 2010

Ireland has had a tough time of it this year. But despite the doom and gloom of recession, the inability to travel due to the unavigable road conditions and flight cancellations because of the lowest temperatures recorded in history, The Rubber Bandits brought a smile to everyones faces:

More Fun At Christmas

I surprised my parents on the night of the 20th as I hopped on the evening train from Dublin a whole day earlier than planned. It was fun to walk through the door after my brother Cian and sister in law Sue Ann picked me up from the station.


  • My parents house in Ireland was so cold there was ice on the inside of their bedroom window – the condensation froze
  • Rose did not eat the ham this year
  • My cousin got so drunk on Christmas night when we were playing our annual Charades or Stick the Post It On The Head Game that she fell over the dog and couldn`t figure out how she couldnt be a member of the ‘American Royal Family’
  • The Wren was cancelled because it fell on a Sunday (Pagan festivals are postponed apparently if they fall on the Sabbath)
  • I gave my brothers girlfriend (who I previously hadnt met) a lovely Christmas present of an empty Swarovski box – obviously I was distracted when wrapping her present – sorry Ashley keep your eyes open for the postman
  • One of my best friends couldnt come home because her boyfriend and then she, caught the flu and there was little guarantee they would actually make it home due to the airport chaos in Dublin
  • My Dads Christmas “lunch” ended at 8pm with a slurred phone call to my Mom pleading that she pick him up and rescue him in town.

I officially gave up getting stressed about not being able to get quality training done when:

On the 24th on a long beautiful run in the Killarney National park the little niggle in my left ankle turned into such a big niggle that I was limping by the end of the run with a big stupid looking swollen section below the bone which I think is called the peroneal tendon now inflammed.

I couldnt run from my house anymore because there was so much ice on the road, and I couldnt drive anywhere else to go for a run

I got sick because of the cold

Other contributing factors:no swimming pool open, no bike to train (remember the only gym in my town was closed and the roads were too dangerous to drive because of ice), no kayak, the day I wanted to go mountain climbing it pissed rain and there were galeforce winds, on the following day we had scheduled ice climbing but the ice had melted by then.

SO. Instead, I relaxed. I finally caught up with almost everyone I wanted to see. Wished then that I had more time to see them. And made a pledge to go home more if I can, in 2011.


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