A New Year A New Beginning

The last goal of 2010 was accomplished on the 31st of December with 3 friends on the top of Schwarzhorn. At 3,146mtrs it is the highest peak in the Davos area and it was a stunning, blue-sky day, perfect touring conditions.

Here are a collection of photos from the tour with Magnus, Kathleen and virgin tourer Andrew:

I spent the weekend in Davos on a blow up mattress in my friends rented apartment. It was great. The tour on Friday, the NYE party that night, a day of piste skiing on the first day of 2011 followed by a beautiful snow run the next morning and a return to Zurich for some bike training the next day.

We had a big party on Friday night highlights of which were:

The Raclette

  • Amanda playing air guitar with one of her crutches
  • Hobbs the dog falling asleep in the middle of our dance circle and not even waking up when dragged around by all fours
  • Andrew`s paranoia at being frequently reminded by Magnus that he was wearing no socks.
  • Kat drinking and dancing more than I have ever seen her do before (in fact, Ive never seen her indulge in either)

Needless to say I lived up to my reputation as being the last woman standing and woke up on Saturday morning feeling sorry for myself with a big horrible pain in my head.

But it was a small price to pay for one of the best, and the last day, of 2010.

2010 In Retrospect

It has been a great year!

I had 100% less accidents than 2009.

At a glance my racing results were good:

Datasport Results for Races in Switzerland

I was a triathlete for a season and I become an Iron and Inferno Woman. I almost achieved my ambitious goal of top 10 age group in the Ironman were it not for the tummy problem.

I got my dream job as Social Media Manager for a big brand – in the middle of all the buzz

I moved out of the city into the beautiful open plan attic apartment of my dreams and closer to the mountains as a result

My health has been good

Despite the below the belt hit of the recession in Ireland my family are still ok and most importantly they are in good health

Wishes for 2011

I hope that 2011 is successful

I realised after my accident in 2009 how precious health is so I also wish 2011 is injury free and healthy year and I wish the same for my friends and family.

I hope my frog prince appears

I wish for more hours in each day

I hope my new transition at work into a new team is smooth and I achieve my career goals without overworking

I hope to find a balance between sports, work and my friends as sometimes I dont seem to be able to juggle it all


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