Team Training and Osprey Test for Huairasinchi ARWS Ecuador

Alex came to visit from Neuchatel yesterday so that we could train together over the weekend. The weather was spectacular and we decided to do a brick bike and run session.

I wasn`t feeling the freshest due to my first CrossFit Zurich session the night before involving lots of squats and I knew pretty quickly that it was going to be an interesting mountain bike ride as Alex began to jump sideways on his bike UP steps explaining that he had done years of Trial Biking when he was younger. I was also on my race mountain bike which I hadnt ridden since October and it felt very giddy in comparison to the heavier Specialized I have been riding since then. Nevertheless Alex pointed out I should reduce my tyre pressure as it was way too high and after that everything seemed a lot easier as I had more traction on the evil wet roots that were lying everywhere. Unfortunately it didnt provide extra traction on the slippery ice that was also hiding everywhere but luckily there were no wipeouts.

After 3 hours of a hilly bike ride we took off running. The first kilometre was a little tough and I began to wonder if my training over the last few months was having any benefit at all but after 30 minutes I found my legs and was really just getting into it when the hour was over. I will probably continue to do some more bricks over the next 2 weeks to get used to the difficult transition between bike and run. But at the end of the day, for Ecuador, its going to all feel very painful and slow after the first day so I am not that concerned about how I feel now while making these transitions, its quite out of context.

We also used the opportunity to try out our new Osprey backpacks. Both of us went with the Talon 22 and we were very happy. Alexandre was especially impressed with the new drawstring elasticated cord on the outside of the pack to carry a helmet – GENIUS! All of my favourite features of the Talon 11 also exist.

I already use the Talon 11 all the time for going to work, trail running and mountain biking and I wanted to see how the 22 would fare whilst running as in the past, with larger sized backpacks I find that they swing around a lot on my back and end up chafing.

I didnt pack the Talon 22 full yesterday (it had about 3-4kg) but it was easy to reduce with the elasticated cords so that its contents didnt bounce around inside it and it fit really snug around my waist. With all of the possibilities to customize its size,  the fact that it is double the volume capacity of what Im used to had little effect and I felt really good while running with it.

YouTube Video introducing the Talon 22


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