Next Stop Ecuador

Just a quick update before the team departs to Ecuador this weekend!

Current Status

The bags are packed, our gear lists are checked and we are all in good health and ready to touch down in Quito (2800mtrs) and take part in Huairasinchi – one of 12 races in the Adventure Racing World Series (ARWS). The event is a non-stop expedition adventure race spanning 300km involving kayaking, trekking, mountain biking and rope-work over some of Ecuador`s most beautiful terrain. Our expectations for the race are to complete it as a team in the most fluid and positive manner and ultimately enjoy the experience!

On a personal level

This is always my favourite time before racing. The pressure to train has gone, after all, there is little I can do over the next week that will impact my performance positively! However there is a lot that could impede it, like fatigue, illness, injury. Therefore it is always advisable to rest, eat well and take care of ourselves – things we dont normally do very well given the pressures of work and personal life combined with the demands of training.

I have found January and February are the usual slumps of the year. It has been tough but this year I made it through, last year I didnt survive and I had all but given up sports in February and March. Abu Dhabi was well behind me, and the Ironman seemed like an eternity away, with no holidays planned I quickly grew tired of dragging myself out in the dark woods to run at night and instead I enjoyed 2 months of a very active social life! This year I suspect I will take a break again after Ecuador until the third week of March to allow myself to rest physically and mentally. Work has been more demanding than ever and now more than ever, I am aware of my limitations and the importance of setting realistic expectations for my sports and professional career and personal life!

The Team –
Experienced adventure racers Lars Bukkehave (Denmark) and Fiola Foley (Ireland) are the two core members of the team which developed from a friendship forged between their respective Irish and Danish teams at the Abu Dhabi Adventure Challenge in 2009. Morten Kvistcarl (Denmark) is an accomplished ultra runner and adventure athlete and Alex Dimitriou (France) Olympic C1 Canoeist, was introduced to the team by Fiola after meeting at the Jura Raid in 2010. The team will be supported by Jaime Icaza and Rene Ponto.
It is our first time racing in this combination and we anticipate the biggest challenge will probably be coping with fatigue and lack of sleep on the 2nd and 3rd day of racing.

Stay Updated on our progress
Official Race Leaderboard and live race tracking –
Photos of the race in progress:



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