Its no longer about the bike….for 2 reasons

Reason 1

I fell in love…

I returned from Ecuador wiped out. I had a never ending cold. I blame it partly on a long journey home from Ecuador, not enough sleep and a very heavy workload with a strategy presentation to prepare the week I arrived back. It was H-O-R-R-I-B-L-E and the only thing that got me through it was the thought that at the end of every day I had someone to hold me up…

Reason 2

Its no longer about the bike….cause I have a NEW ONE! No more excuses. I can no longer blame my bad riding on the beat up, uncomfortable piece of …. that I have been riding for the last few years. I have a new mean racing machine.

R.I.P Quest – The Moser is taking over:

So now what to do?

I have been training more consistently over the last couple of weeks. Getting back to my usual 15+ hours a week of riding and running mostly. But I have been fitting most of it in on the way to work and during lunch.

Andreas lives up the side of a big hill…and no matter where I ride to his from (my house or town) it raises the heart rate. My motivation to see him very often outweighs the motivation I have to go climbing on my bike (well, that might all change now too!) – I have no choice! So the miles have been adding up. For example last Saturday I was on a “day off” and ended up doing 60km on my bike – just riding around (in the sun : ) and to his house and town a few times.

Its nice to look out from this terrace when I get there:

The hilly lunch run have been quite lung and leg busting. There is a loop near work that I like to do but I really have to push hard to get it done in an hour. So thats a nice little goal to have (the fear of being late for meetings). My workmates must hate me though – eating lunch at my desk…

I figure that if I cant get long training sessions in, I might as well make the shorter ones really hard. The only consequence then, being I need more time to recover afterwards.

A bit like this guy:

On the days I dont run there is always the option of taking my lunch to the lake – just across the road from work:

The Apex is on the horizon. We have a little problem with our team but hopefully we will be able to fix that soon. For Easter I will do a little training camp near Muotathal at about 1600mtrs – running and biking mostly. Then there will be 4 weeks until racing. Still time to really get up to full fitness.

I hope!


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