Interlaken – THE APEX – Here We Come!!!

The World Series Apex Alpine Adventure Race starts next Wednesday in Interlaken and our team – Inov8 Swiss Irish AR will arrive over the weekend. The Irish contingency consisting of Eoin Keith and Chris Caulfield arriving from Ireland today and JD Eskelson will arrive from Germany tomorrow.

As always the build up to a race of this proportion is quite drawn out, from the first day you have 4 members of a team committed to the day before the race anything can change! We lost one of our initial team members who withdrew because some really negative experiences he had at altitude and fear of repitition. After about  weeks of searching for a replacement we finally found JD and we are very happy to have him on board. He has finished quite a lot of really long races such as Primal Quest and the American National Championships and that is a really great reassurance that we have a team that will go the distance.

The objective for our team is to finish the race and have fun participating! Just completing the full course of a World Series Race is challenging enough. We will start on Wednesday morning and expect to finish sometime on Saturday night hopefully not too late! That is almost 4 days of racing day and night.

The race promises to be fast. It is broken into the following format

We will travel to Interlaken on Monday and go through all of the gear checks on Tuesday when we also receive the maps. I am beginning to like this format more and more! In a lot of races the maps arent given out until the last minute, requiring teams to stay up late the night before they are racing, usually woken up at 4am to get a bus to the starting point and although usually super excited to race – it always means going into the race not fully rested and a little stressed.

The Apex communication to date has been superb. Condensed into  Captain Communications and sent out via email. Each team has a login area to download required documents.

Mission Navi Lights

The only unexpected news was that each team now has to have 2 x 360 deg lights for the kayaking sections, Staffan, the race organizer was just informed of this by the water police. I had forgotten that these are requirements for any watercraft on the lake in Zurich, they are required on rowing boats if you are out in the wee hours of the morning. Getting the rundumlichtern has been a little challenging! Finally Andreas was able to find a supplier here in Zurich and when I called him (much to the amusement of my eavesdropping colleagues at work) he told me he wouldnt be at the shop on Saturday but I am to go to Oberreiden (near where I live) to the swimming pool and as the head lifeguard for them and I can collect them there.

FIOLA:  “Gruezi, I am agent 2009495r, Mission 360 deg navi light, please deliver goods”

BADIMEISTER: “Was? Kai anig…Ich ha nöd? Kai Anglisch…”

Inov8 Swiss

Bill Wilkins in Silvaplana has been supporting the team for the Apex. We would like to thank him for his support! He has been hard at work creating a blog and trying to increase awareness of the Inov8 brand in Switzerland – please like the Facebook page if you get the chance – you will find a nice community of fans passionate about trail and adventure running in Switzerland and the page will be updated with sponsored runners race reports and brand news.

So. If you have made it to here then you are committed! To stay in touch with the Apex and race developments we can be followed from the website:

Live Tracking on Google Maps

Live Video Streaming


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