Donncha`s Race Across America Experience

I met Donncha in 2008 in the Beast of Ballyhoura. In fact, I met Donncha`s legend before I had met him. He was racing on the Irish Defense Forces adventure racing team and we were in direct competition with them for the first 4 hours of the Beast of Ballyhoura race. Since then I have raced with him, trained with him and had lots of fun experiences with him! He even cycled from Ireland to Zurich and stayed with me for a few days.

In one race we did together in Ireland I remember being freezing cold on the side of a misty mountain in Co. Down and Donncha was running around in a pair of shorts and t-shirt carrying his own bike and the bike of one of my team mates up a hill. And the most impressive thing of all is he always seems to be having fun and if he isnt, he is quiet. I never learned how to do that! 

This year he did the RAAM. Please read his blog recap on the race – and testimony to how much of an impact he has on people around him:

He is, simply, an inspiration. Not just because of his physical feats, but his attitude, openess and passion and enthusiasm for life and people, makes him a really extraordinary individual.



One thought on “Donncha`s Race Across America Experience

  1. Thank you Fiola for the lovely words,I hope I can take a spin up to you from Spain for a visit before or after Christmas.Of course you and your boyfriend are very welcome to visit me sometime and I hope you can.I will be living just north of Valencia in Castellon de Plana.

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