Zurich Metzgete Disappointment

The Zurich Metzgete did not go very well for me this year! After my solid performance at the Alpen Brevet I decided to try my hand at the local equivalent (with about 4,000mtrs less altitude gain and 70km shorter…perhaps there is no “equivalent” to the Brevet)

Unfortunately it was just not my day –  I felt quite ok going into the event but I had some big mechanical problems during the race as my chain kept coming off every time I changed into the small ring. This meant that ever time we came across a hill where I needed to change down (most of the course is relatively flat but there are 2 steep climbs on each lap) my chain would come off, I would stop, place it back on, climb up and chase the peleton who has left me and basically feel very frustrated! This happened 4 – 5 times during the event. At one point I had to time-trial for about 15km on my own, then the next peloton caught me but they were a little slow for my liking and I ended up working at the front.

NOT really ideal for a good result. But I didnt let it get me down. On to the next event !

Not quite sure whether to do The Many Hills Show or the Iron Bike Race next weekend. I think I will wait and see what the weather is going to be like! Until then…

Here are some lovely photos from my latest runs around my new workplace in Wollerau, Canton Schwyz


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