Hill Running

Today is a very grey day in Canton Schwyz. It is so grey that at 3.30pm it is nearly black!

I grabbed my sports gear this morning on the way out the door to work but by the time lunch came around, my motivation to go outside in the wind and rain had definitely waned. However, I knew that I would feel better after I went out for a run and there was no excuse anyway because the forest behind the office offers plenty of shelter (and the trees look firmly rooted)

I decided the best use of my 60mins break would be hill repeats. Hard and painful but beneficial. The forest I chose for my torture session is located on a very steep hill and each repeat was approx. 2km in length with about 120mtrs total altitude gain. I am not sure how long each repeat took because I forgot my watch (I don’t care so much about measuring anyway) but I think they were about 4 – 5 minutes long. I only did 3 repeats but that was enough effort for me today. Then I did a cool down of 15 minutes.

Every year I say I should do more interval training – but I am lazy. Its easier for me to just go and run with no plan. 75 minutes, 90 minutes 2 hours. No problem. The problem is I don’t want to commit to the pain of an interval session! So this year I will force myself to do at least 1 if not 2 interval sessions every week, 1 running session and the other a Cross Fit or Vitaparcours workout.

I felt ok during the run but my muscles were a little tired because last night I did a Cross Fit session at Jeff Grant’s Hillseeker Performance lab: Hillseeker Performance Lab last night (more on that to come)

This is the best instructional video I came across on YouTube regarding hill running (maybe the music could be better)

And Amy Reynik writes some great articles on the topic too. Here is one from her blog: http://amyreinink.com/2010/08/11/workout-of-the-week-hill-repeats/


2 thoughts on “Hill Running

    1. Just back from a fabulous 17km trail run Bill! I had a holiday today thanks to Canton Schwyz. Although I am looking forward to snow I am also reluctant to say goodbye to the lovely leafy trails!

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