Chli Chärpf, Glarnerland, Mar 10, 2012

I was excited all week long to climb Chli Chärpf yesterday with Mathilde and it lived up to beyond my expectations. We set off early from the car park on the side of the road, beyond the Elm Ski station and made our way up with the summit in sight.

The weather was spectacular and we stopped twice within the first hour to take layers of clothes off.

We pushed it quite hard in the first 750mtrs and paid for that a little in the second half. But it was ok. Getting to the top required some technical work – most people were taking off their skis and boot packing it up but we decided to leave them on. This was one of those moments you really don’t want to make a mistake. We had to edge up a narrow couloir/gully with our skis parallel to the slope and make an exact kick turn on the same +45 degree (est) slope to change direction and carry on up the last 200 mtrs to the summit.

Nothing like a little adventure! But we all managed it without any glitches.

The view from the top was breathtaking and it was warm enough so we took our time and ate a couple of sandwiches.

This tour bangs a lot for your buck – the uphill is challenging and consistently steep and you are rewarded with some of the best snow and downhill I have had yet on a skitour. Its not often that the downhill feels longer than the uphill but yesterday it seemed to go on forever.

Chli Chärpf, Ill be back! Thank you!

Chli Chärpf on


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