Furggelenstock with Abi and Pezz

Abi nearing the summitGrosser Mythen (left)

Today we decided to go for an easy tour near HochyBrig. However – most of the route we wanted to walk was closed to preserve nature. Pezz mentioned that most of the birds must have flown their path anyway by now but she insisted we didn’t go there reminding us that it was blocked off for a very good reason. I agree.

So we had to re-route and walk mostly on a piste (albeit an empty one) to the top of the Ibergeregg ski piste and then cut right across the ridge to Furgellenstock.
Once we got to the top we werent quite sure what the best way to come down would be. Going back the way we came up would bring us to the piste which I thought would give us the most consistent downhill, but we would have to put our skins back on to get there. Going down off the West side of the summit meant we would have probably about 20 nice turns and then we would be into forest and have to walk and pole push our way out.
We decided for the former but we ended up somewhere unsatisfied as groomed piste was quite flat and boring and the off-piste snow was sticky.
All said and done, it was a great girls day out! The banter was good and who cares about the rest when you are surrounded by good company and good friends.


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