Ticino MTB Adventure: a Hippie Hotel, Easter Bunnies, Thunder, Lightening & Pizza!

Wet Feet!Where are we again?
PosingDelicious Salad w/Local Cheese

Ticino MTB Trip, a set on Flickr.

Just back from a short but great Easter break bike trip down to Ticino with Cait Elliot.

Irish XC Champion
Cait is Ireland’s top female XC Mountain Biker (a well-earned title after winning the Nat Champs last year). I seem to have forgotten that when we organized our trip! I am glad she took a much heavier bike than mine because although she currently isn’t training half as hard as she would be usually due injury, she still kicked my butt!
I have a lot to learn : )

Road Trippin’
So we drove to Ticino, and arrived pretty quickly in only 2.5 hours from Zurich – dropped our bags at the hotel, got changed and hit the trails on the first day. The weather was a bit mixed and we didnt make very good route choices as on the first one we had a lot of hike a bike, but the descent was nice and the banter good.

Thunder, lightening…and pizza!
A little break at the hotel to wait out thunder, lightening and hailstone and we both went out separately for a short evening spin. Me, to spin my legs which were sore from a hill run the previous day, Cait, probably to inflict at least some pain as she didnt feel any going at my pace Im sure ; ))
The evening was nice, pizza and a long night’s sleep.

Capanna San Lucio Ride 
The next day was always going to be a big day. We rode up to San Lucio from Camano. 1,200 mtrs of alt. gain. I discovered that I only have one speed right now after not doing much biking over the winter but we made it to the top quite quickly and went inside the hut for a break where we met a lovely German family who invited us to tea and cake!


After my feet had warmed up we hit the trails. There was still some small ascents before hitting the real downhill trail and on one of the little uphill trails a branch got stuck in my rear derailleur causing the hanger to break off. That put a spanner in the works and I had to abandon the tour and freewheel my bike all the way down to where the car was parked at the bottom of the valley. I was really really bummed – and frozen. Its the second time this has happened out on a longer ride – so now Ill order 2 new hangers from Kinesis and always take a spare on bigger rides. Just wondering if its usually that simple to break a hanger? This one cant have gotten that many knocks that would have fractured it already, at least that I know of.

All in all a great weekend. Plenty of action and great company. Here is Cait’s take on the weekend.


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