Trophees du Muveran – Skimo Race Report

I’m falling behind with my updates! There are a few weekend adventures I should report on but I have been going through some big changes recently so blogging has taken a backseat.

Basically this last ski mountaineering race makes me really want to do more! I LOVED IT!  Im just bummed the season is nearly over. The race was quite adventurous, with a steep col to climb and a real mix of technical ascents and descents. The snow conditions were great so I held it together on the descents too.

Instead of writing the full event report for the Trophées du Muveran from scratch, Im copied the email my teammate and friend, Mathilde – sent to the girls on the team she has been doing other races with this year, below.

I have also added some photos below, I didn’t buy them but you can see some more on the race photographers website here.

Mathilde’s Report

“I finally have a bit of time and energy to make the full race report. First, big thanks for your message and support.
So, we arrived in Plan sur Bex on Saturday evening and had a race meeting in the very small chapel completely full of top fit ski tourers. The meeting was interesting as they explained all the key technical sections with pictures from the days before. We had dinner there and had the “pleasure” to share our dormitory with 5 French guys. I wish I had taken some ear plugs with me, it would have made the night a bit longer.

Although it was very convenient to sleep 1 minute from the start, other competitors began to wake up at 2h30 for the first start at 4h30 so the night was really short.

4h30, wake up, nice breakfast at the hotel, material check (a real one for once), and 6 am, start of the big day.

It was quite dark but we started on an easy road for almost 45min. Then, because of recent avalanches, we took the summer trail and had to carry our skis on a short sections as there was no snow left in the forest. The rest of the first climb was fine, sometimes quite technical with a lot of conversion but we had quite a good pace. It was quite hard snow but I had new skins and had no problem going up. Fiola was in top shape on her full heavy skis! 

We arrived at the bottom of the couloir, skis on the bag. I was glad I had done the 2 others races before and you had given quite a lot of useful advices. The couloir was very nice, on snow first with a bit of climbing at the top, 250m of “adventure”. At the top of le Pacheu, we started our first descent. The snow was good and it was a wonderful descent. We arrived in Derborence after 3h30 of racing and already 1700m in the legs, ready to start climbing again.

The start was quite steep in the forest and quite busy as we were catching up with people who had started in the early starts and the fastest teams were already there. Then there was a never ending flat section and Fiola was having some pain in her right foot. Nevertheless, we made it to the top of the second climb still doing really well. A short descent and a short 100m climb again (good to practice the transitions :-)) 

We were then hoping to have an easy descent till the finishing line. Stupid idea. There was quite a long flat crossing where we had to skate, carry the skis 50m, push on the poles… and finally go done the valley. The descent was very technical as there was not so much snow and we had to zigzag between trees, rocks and avalanches… (I might have a few scratches on my skis!). Finally, it got easier on a forest road down to the village, oscillating between skiing and carrying the skis. 

12am, we crossed the finishing line both happy of our fantastic day and first race together. Very happy also to get out of the ski boots.
Shower, lunch, beer and driving back to Zurich, feeling completely exhausted but very happy and relaxed. 

I was really tired today and have to admit that I didn’t go running tonight.

It was a very nice race, very friendly and well organized. The circuit was quite technical and wild, in the spirit of “la Maya” but with some sections in the descent being quite difficult due to the late season. We got very lucky with the weather once again and I can’t believe that I manage to have 3 fabulous races in perfect conditions. I will really recommend this race in the future and you can actually sign up almost on the day.”


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