Zurich Hill Running Sessions

On a run with a friend up Uetliberg yesterday I got thinking about the Irish Mountain Running Association (IMRA) training runs that are on every Wednesday night outside of Dublin. Rain, hail, sleet and snow don’t stop people from turning up to the runs and although there is a distinct competitive element attached to each run, the nature of hill running makes it relatively easy to re-group at the summit or run down and join the group to summit again together and avoid getting cold. All of this making it a great social event where no-one gets left behind.

Barry Minnock in an IMRA League Race

Hill Running in Zurich

I always wondered why there are apparently no organized runs around Uetliberg on weeknights. Or a hill running league in the Canton of Zurich. I know there is the ZKB Zurich Laufcup but its not really hill running as we know it in Ireland.  But short of organizing our own, lets start out with one night a week where anyone can join a group run up Uetliberg.

Zurich Hill Running – Tuesday Evenings

We will meet at 18:30 at the Triemli S10 train stop, warm-up together and then run to the top of Uetliberg. Depending on the evening, the group, and the mood we can extend the run along the ridge to descend further along the ridge and eventually finish up at Sihl City, or just run down again to finish up at Triemli.

RSVP here: http://www.facebook.com/events/387179351317723/ and while you are at it, join the Run and Bike Zurich group here: http://www.facebook.com/groups/goinglong.zrh/ to get in touch with like-minded sportspeople in and around Zurich.

About IMRA

IMRA started in Ireland with a group of enthusiastic hill runners in Dublin and has grown into a prosperous, active association affiliated through the Athletic Association of Ireland (AAI) to the World Mountain Running Association (WMRA). For more on Irish hill running greats read a previous blog entry I wrote on John Lenihan here.

See you there!


One thought on “Zurich Hill Running Sessions

  1. That sounds really cool, but Tuesday evening are TV Oerlikon evenings 😦

    It’s not a racing league or similar, but do you know the 5-Tage Berglauf-Cup? http://5-tage.berglauf-cup.ch – it’s one week with a race each week day, and top four races go into an overall ranking list. Fun and low key and hard!

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