Nelo Viper 51 K1 FOR SALE!

I’m selling my K1. I don’t use it enough these days to justify re-locating it to the city and storing it in Zurich. Please help spread the word!

Its a gorgeous boat for the experienced paddler. Comes with spraydeck.

Here are some photos:

Photos to follow or on request: 


14 thoughts on “Nelo Viper 51 K1 FOR SALE!

  1. I concur, a very nice boat! I bought myself a Viper 51 early last year. My river racing boat “back home” is a bit less stable (and doesn’t have an under-hull rudder of course), but for paddling out on a body of water like the Zurichsee, I like something a bit more stable. The Viper 55 is a bit of a barge, very stable, nice for beginners, but once you have experience, the Viper 51 is much better.

  2. Hallo Fiola,
    ist das Boot noch zu haben? Wenn ja, gibt es auch eine Abdeckung / ein Paddel dazu?
    Viele Grüße, Maria Katzler

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