A Summer Cold and Sneaking Behind Strava’s Back

Hard Training Sessions and the `Cold from Hell`

Its been an interesting week to say the least. Last Sunday I did the Saentis Classic. My first official Cycle Sportivo (think they are called ‘Sportives’ in English).

I signed up to ride in the fastest group, the Speed group. But when I woke up on Sunday morning the first thing I thought was “Oh dear, this is going to be a very hard day indeed”. What were sniffles the day before, had manifested into a full blown cold consisting of a blocked nose, chest congestion and a dry throat bordering on laryngitis. Yucky. Anyway, I had committed to do the event with two other friends. So that was that. Off I went.

In the end I fared well and stuck with the group with relatively no problem for the 130km and 1,800mtrs of elevation gain. Our average speed was 31.4. However, I decided that Sportives are not for me. I missed the race feeling and having something to push for at the end. Most people who know me, know thats just my nature.

The rest of the week until Wednesday was quite miserable. I got through lots of boxes of tissues and worked from home so as not to infect the rest of my colleagues.

However, feeling much better already yesterday I rode my mountain bike last night with some girlfriends and decided to ride with other friends tonight to celebrate Mathilde’s (my Trophee du Muveran teammate and friend) birthday. However, what could have been a social, easy ride turned into something quite challenging yet lots of fun! My legs are still buzzing.

However, pushing on tonights climbs has put a spanner in the works for my plan to ride Sattelegg and Pragel Passes tomorrow! Anyway, there is a voice telling me that the smart thing to do, seeing as how I am just getting over a stinky cold, would be to take it easy and do some base-level, controlled training tomorrow and on Sunday. Regain strength – not lose it.

Here is a re-cap of this evenings ride out from Strava:

So. What is it with Strava?

Its like an addiction. You get to a hill and you think “gotta beat my PR” or “gotta go faster than so-and-so”. Therefore, every climb turns into a battle against you and the data.

Not good when you just want to spin the legs. God forbid even have an ‘easy, enjoyable ride out’ Before long I’ll be hiding from Strava. Doing sneaky training behind Strava’s back so he doesn’t find out.

 I wonder if I’ll survive – I probably be suicidal in winter with the dramatic dip in volume and no nicely presented visual data or Queen of the Mountain titles to chase for. Oh dear.


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