Engadin Radmarathon – Here I Come!

I just pressed the Register button to do the Engadin Radmarathon next weekend. Long-term commitment has never been one of my strong points, but I was holding off on registering this time, to see how I feel closer to the date because I have been suffering from a cold on and off, over the last few weeks.

However, time to get racing and test the legs! My training has been rather sporadic over the last few weeks but despite not feeling the best I have been performing quite well on the bike. At least according to Strava, my best cycle friend & enemy.

The Engadin Radmarathon is a bike race.  As the name suggests, it takes place in the Engadine, a very mountainous region of Switzerland in the South East. I have decided to go for the short course (this will be a new experience) thats 97km with 1,325 meters of elevation gain. I figure thats enough, as I will compete in the Alpinathlon 2 weeks later and I’d prefer to use this race to improve my performance and recover relatively quickly in order to still be able to ride the following week.

This is what the course looks like:

I don’t have much of an idea what pace I can hold. After the Säntis performance which was longer, had more elevation gain and was controlled. Im hoping to hold a 33-34 kmph average so I’ll be aiming for the top 10. But who knows what will happen on the day!



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