2nd Engadin Radmarathon!

My race went better than I could have imagined!

Flower shopping at the Engadin Radmarathon:

The Engadin Radmarathon yesterday was my third ‘strict’ bike race after dabbling in the Alpen Brevet and the Zurich Metzgete last year. I predicted a fininshing time of under 3 hours which meant I would start in Block 1 with the fastest cyclists. The day before the event I regretted this a little – especially as my friend Stefan teased me quite a bit about my aspirations and I got more and more nervous!

Standing in that group for 15 minutes at the start I could feel my nerves getting even more frazzled but as soon as we were off – I realized when I began to pass all of the girls ahead of me, that it was probably going to be a good day.

There was one girl I couldn’t shake off though, who was riding with a teammate. I was quite annoyed when, at one point, he cheekily put his hand on her back and pushed her on one of the hills. He obviously didn’t realize I was just behind them. I rode up to them and said “dieses ist kein team rennen’ in my fabulous German, and she must have told him to ride off cause at that point her left her. We battled it out next to each other until the top of the Bernina Pass after which I dropped her on the descent.

After that descent and for the following 4 km I had to work extremely hard to try to catch the 2nd group of men with whom I had been riding. I was pretty relieved when I finally did and we got a group working up at the front to get back to Zernez. There were quite a few guys reluctant to pitch in at the front! But in the end we had a good average and I even managed to increase my speed to the finish line.

When I crossed, I thought I had won. I met Yves and Alain Covi afterwards and they told me that they hadn’t seen another woman in their group. But upon checking the results with my friends and hour later we saw that last year’s winner. Milena Landtwing, had come in ahead of me. She must have been riding with the lead group for most of the way. Fair dues to have stuck with them on the climbs!

Here is a snapshot of the results:

I guess maybe next year I should focus a little more on cycling. Maybe that’s where my real strength lies! Onwards and upwards!

On a side note – my friend Annika Bergmann won the Offenburg MTB Marathon yesterday, so it was a great day for the Zurich girls!


One thought on “2nd Engadin Radmarathon!

  1. Awesome work Fiola!! It’s too bad you never saw the first place rider- I have a sneaky feeling it would have been a different result if you had known she was there to chase! Great job and thanks for posting!

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