Zaboo 29er, MTBiking in Neuchatel and Countdown to the Alpinathlon

New Bike – Zaboo Terra 29

Lots going on this week! First off I got a new bike! Zaboo are Swiss, and specialists in 29ers, the bike I’ve wanted to ride for the last year or so. Simon was really great to sort me out with one of their test bikes for the rest of the season, a Terra 29.

Here is a picture of the Zaboo on his first night with Moser and Maxlight in my basement:

zaboo3 zaboo2 zaboo

So now I have a great new ride for the Alpinathlon and the Inferno. Its already making a huge difference, climbing feels much lighter and easier on those big wheels and I am shocked at how easily they eat up the trails. I have been closer to Cait Elliot’s back wheel (I didn’t say that I am close – just closeER) on the trails than ever before on the Zaboo Terra 29. Thanks Zaboo!

Neuchatel Bike Trails

Yesterday Cait and I went to Neuchatel to avoid the bad weather forecasted for the region of Zurich. Our train ride was eventful. We didn’t make a reservation for our bikes and got charged 10 CHFs each, on top of our bike tickets (12 CHF). “Didn’t you see the sign on the train that says you need to reserve the bikes?” said the ticket collector. Erm, no? Do you mean the one that is hidden behind the bikes that you probably only see for the first time, like, 1 minute before the train is about to depart? Come on SBB! I want to follow the rules! Then we turned up extra early at the station in Neuchatel before to reserve our bikes on the return train to be told there was no room and we would have to wait an hour for the next train with space. This time the reservation only cost 10 CHF for both of our bikes. Confused. I guess we’ll know better next time.

The day out in Neuchatel was absolutely great. Thanks to our local tour guide Alexandre Dimitriou (who I raced with in Ecuador last year). There was a fair amount of climbing (1,300mtrs), Alex led the way and appeared hardly out of breath the entire time and the descent was sweet! I feel more love for mountain biking now after a year or two of not being so enthusiastic. New toys are needed every now and having great company and great trails to go with it!

The ride is on Strava here and

Countdown Alpinathlon

Last but not least, next weekend I will compete in the Alpinathlon. I’m apprehensively looking forward to it. However, in the back of my mind – having enjoyed the Engadin Radmarathon so much, I think I would prefer to be doing a straight bike race!

The Alpinathlon IS intimidating. The longer 5 route race has over 5,500 meters of positive elevation gain over 127km, on bike and foot. I don’t know how I will cope as I haven’t done any major long races this year but I do feel strong on the bike so Ill just take some consolation in that. Im pretty sure the hardest part for me (and everyone else) will be the last leg an 11km climb of 1,695 mtrs to the Corvatsch Bergstation! Lets see what happens! I’m not alone ; )


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