3rd Place Alpinathlon 2012!

To make a long, eventful story short – the Alpinathlon was one of the harder races I have done. With +5,300 metres of altitude gain throughout the 5 stages (road bike, mtb, run, mtb, run) in one day, I am really proud to have finished!

I had a crash on the mountain bike about 2 minutes before my last transition into the run up the Corvatsch. That really knocked me for 6 and I wasn’t sure if I would carry on. I cut my nose and left eye (which is bright red and purple now!). But as I was in a more or less secure 2nd place, and able to run without pain in my head, I decided to carry on – thanks to the support from Markus Kohl who fixed me up with some plasters and words of encouragement!

However I slowed down a lot on the last stage! It was a mix of things, the fall off the bike, the altitude, my head wasn’t really in the race – I had lost focus and the feeling that I was in a race so I got passed by another girl at about 500 mtrs to the top. I got a real surprise when I looked down and saw her closing in on me but I just didn’t have the steam to stay ahead of her.

But all in all I am really happy I did it and to have the company of Liselore Vollmer again made it such a fun weekend in the Engadine. My favourite and most successful place in Switzerland!

I will write a full race report for www.outsider.ie so Ill spare you the full details here and share the article with your when its published!

Thanks for all your support! Especially from Inov8 who’s Engadine representative even came and took most of the photos below and provided me with a pair of super grippy Roclite 268’s (they were great in the snow).

Here are the pics:


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