Last Event of 2012!

Its time for the off-season but there is one little event left! On Thursday I will travel to Ireland with some friends to compete in the Killarney Adventure Race. The race takes place in my home hunting ground, Killarney National Park and I am really excited to re-visit some familiar routes. The last time I competed here was in 2008 in the Kerry Adventure Challenge. Unfortunately the race route is significantly different so I will not have a reference regarding how much I have improved since then.

My preparation hasn’t been very balanced as I have been significantly more cycle-specific over the last few months. My running is not as fast as it could be! So I went crazy and did two long runs in the last week and reminded my calves of just how little running they have done. They are quite tender at the moment! Nothing some massages and compression shouldnt get ride of. I’ve heard that the road up Strickeen is quite water-logged so Im expecting wet feet from the onset! But the weather looks ok so here’s hoping for some dry roads to make the bike sections more manageable. My bike hasn’t seen Kerry roads yet and Im hoping not to shock it too much!

So. Here is to a stress-free transfer with my bike and friends to Dublin, a nice sleep in a lovely hotel and an easy going drive to Kerry on Friday. A big thanks too to Noel O’Leary of of and for helping us source 2 road bikes and to Ollie Kirwan for being a great race organizer.



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