Fall Riding in Switzerland with Steiner Cycling Team

It’s been a great off season thus far! Plenty of laughs and coffee stops and so far I’ve felt my toes and fingers on every ride! The weather has been pretty mild save one weekend.

At the moment there isn’t much to report on – I’m just trying to curb my enthusiasm for the bike to avoid doing too much right now. Next year is going to be a long and busy on with lots of races so I’ve been warned ill need to take it easy now to be fresh for that!

I’m totally loving riding out with my new team! Last week I even had the pleasant surprise of receiving a bonus card from our main sponsor Steiner Bäckerei, for my winnings this season, with enough credit for my coffee and fruchte brötli stops until the end of 2013! Yummy!!

Right now there is a lot of planning going on, ill be back with an update soon – needless to say I’ll just be bike racing in 2013 – it’s going to be a fun year!

Here are some pics from the bike rides – enjoy!









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