Hillseeker® Interview Series: Fiola Foley, Specialist in Alpine Endurance Events

My dear friend Jeff Grant – a truly positive inspiration in my life, interviewed me a few weeks ago and here is the result!

Thanks very much Fiola for joining us. We’re excited about bringing your story and insights to the Hillseeker® community. Let’s get this started!

Do you truly enjoy running and cycling up hill and if so, how would you put it into words what it is about a climb that brings you joy?

Yes I do! The main enjoyment for me related to climbing is the idea of reaching a goal, in this case, the summit. Although I like pushing my body and embracing the discomfort of defying gravity, reaching the top of the hill and using my body in the most efficient way possible to do so, is really what motivates me!

What is your mental fuel on a challenging up hill run or bike? Silent focus? Anger? Music in your head?

It is usually performance based. If I am trying to get a PB then there is a special focus on not listening to negative thoughts about how much I am hurting and focusing more on controlling the situation. Otherwise I often imagine an upcoming race situation or a familiar competitor I would like to be faster than.


Read the entire article here http://hillseekerfitness.com/Hillseeker-Interview-Series-Fiola-Foley – its worth the read!


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