Spring is Around the Corner!

I’m convinced, on my ride yesterday, I met Spring….

It’s been a rough month! I was determined at the beginning of January, to put down a good month of consistent base miles on the bike, XC skiing, Ski Touring or whatever! The goal was to get about 14 hours a week done (I’m not a fan of counting km’s – I am still in cross training mode) but training was punctuated with a mid-week stomach bug, then a pretty vicious cold that had me pretty much housebound for over a week.

Yesterday was the first day back on the bike and boy, was it rough! High heart rates and sore legs. But it will get better. I just keep reassuring myself that this time last year I was just getting into sports after pretty much 6 months completely off!

Here is the ride:

Screen Shot 2013-01-31 at 10.52.23 AM

Nevertheless there has been a lot of planning and thinking going on about racing this year. I will focus on Marathon racing. That means races like the Engadin Radmarathon, the Alpen Brevet, Granfondo San Gottardo. Basically any race that has a lot of climbing and is fairly long and gnarly. Apparently those are my strengths! But there will be a few warm ups, the Tuggen Challenge, GP Aegerisee and perhaps a few more. It depends on how I cope with work, my personal life, friends and family! It is all about a balance – and I need to be pretty balanced in order to achieve my potential. A happy Fiola is a Fiola who can race hard!

The first ‘races’ our team Steiner Argon18, will do, is the RMVZOL Frühlungs Cup in the beginning of March just outside of Zurich in Brütten. Short and sweet I will be using them as good training sessions. Then I will be skipping off to Mallorca for nearly 10 days with my boyfriend for a much-anticipated cycling holiday!


4 thoughts on “Spring is Around the Corner!

    1. You’re in luck – Rás na mBan (what language is that even?) is on September 11-15, Alpen Challenge is on August 17/18 😉

  1. Ben – no chance! My calendar has been very thoughtfully planned to target certain races and perform at those…1 stage race takes priority and I will spend some time recovering afterwards before the Alpen Brevet ; ) thanks for your input…

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