Steiner Bäckerei Fruchtebrötli – My Favourite Mid-Ride Treat!

I like coffee stops on long rides; these usually take place on Saturday or Sunday mornings with my team Steiner Argon18. Conveniently our long team rides usually pass a Steiner Backery (try Wetzikon, Rapperswil, Samstagern or even Menzingen for the Züri contingency). For those who don’t know, Steiner Bäckerei is our team sponsor. But when I say they sponsor our team, this doesn’t mean that they provide us with free coffees and treats! Oh no, we earn those if get a podium spot in a race, otherwise we must pay for them ourselves. Only fair!

Among other essential cycling team necessities, Steiner Bäckerei sponsors our very functional and super comfortable, Castelli team uniform:


And they are a very proud and happy sponsor


Steiner Baked Goods; a Cyclists Obsession

I’ve been observing our team habits when we are at the backery, each one of us have our favourite treats. I thought it would be fun to introduce our team riders and their favourite  Steiner delicacies, starting with my own; the Steiner Fruchtebrötli


I love Gipfeli’s (aka croissants) but as a mid-ride snack they are not an optimal energy source, they are quite empty from a calorific perspective and they tend to make the blood sugar spike. Fruit bread, or fruchtebrot is an excellent alternative. Low in fat, yet high in protein – it has a lower GI index than white bread and because of all the bits of dried fruit it also has more roughage, so it burns and releases energy slowly. Perfect when you still need to cycle 2 more hours from the backery until you are home!

Nutritional Information

Screen Shot 2013-02-01 at 9.20.18 AM

Luckily, you don’t have to be a winner to enjoy this Steiner winning formula! ; )


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