Some Girls Like Handbags…

Handbags have never really done it for me. I’ve always appreciated boats and bikes more! So, today was like Christmas and my birthday rolled into one! I got the equivalent of the Louis Vuitton of bikes – a brand new Argon18 Gallium Pro. All the way from Canada.


I got up super early to make the trip to Lucerne before work so I could pick my new companion up from her temporary residence at CUAG in Lucerne. Argon18 representative Primin Adler wanted to take a look at me on the bike so I even got a quick bike-fitting too! It feels quite different but it should be better than how I was set up before.

Pirmin checking the set up


A happy lady!

So whats on it?

Frame: Argon18 Gallium Pro

Groupset: SRAM Red

Crank: ROTOR 3D

Stem and Handlebars: 3T

Saddle: Fizik Arionne Duonna

I’ve been using Speedplay pedals for the last 4 months and I really love them! There is no comparison in terms of feeling to the pedals and cleats I had been using before. But they took a little while to get used to clipping in (out was no real problem)

Wheels – I will probably switch back to my carbon tubulars, ITM Pathoms, for racing but until the season gets underway Ill keep my training wheels on it!

So I guess all I have to do now is concentrate on getting some form and miles into the legs. But the year is long and my target races are still at least 6 months away! Happy days! More time to bond with my new racing partner!

Thanks to all the above brands for their support of our team Steiner Argon18


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