What to do when you don’t feel ready? Race anyway!

Tomorrow I will be at the start of the first race of the RMVZOL Spring Cup in Brütten, Zurich. Its only 40km but I know for sure it will be lightning fast! We will be mixed with the guys, including elites, and also the likes of Emma Pooley and Jane Nüssli. Here is the line up.

Maybe Ill look a little like this famous Irishman after the race:


Feeling Unprepared is also Good Experience


Its impossible to plan everything, but I usually manage to control one thing; being physically ready for a race. This time though, I don’t feel too ready! I am lacking miles in my legs (on the bike) and also on my new bike. It has barely been broken in! Since I got it a few weeks ago, it has been snowing in Zurich making it practically impossible to ride in the evenings and on the weekends I was ski touring or in the case of last weekend – at a wedding. Then I felt sick on Monday – chest congestion and headache. I managed to keep it at bay and it hasnt gotten worse but that meant I couldnt train either on Monday or Tuesday! To make matters worse, my bike is currently with my mechanic (http://www.velo-elsener.ch/) to sort out a problem with the bottom bracket!

So – tomorrow will be a good, hard training session. I will do everything I can to get Cait in a good position to the line to have ST18 on the women’s podium. 

Holiday on the Horizon

But, the good news is – I will leave for Mallorca on Sunday. We will spend 9 days there where all I need to take care of is spinning wheels (lots), eating right, and turning the pages of lots of books I intend to finally devour. I will disconnect. No phone or internet. Heaven!







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