A Winter (break) in Mallorca

I am just back from one of the best holidays I have ever had!

A 9 day break in Mallorca. Lots of sleep, time on the bike great food and lots of laughs. Although my legs are pretty smashed today…I’m sitting here in Zurich with a big smile on my face thinking of the great times we had on that beautiful island.

Although the actual volume of riding in terms of kilometres wasn’t huge, we did a hell of a lot of climbing. We covered about 14,261 height metres over 649.7 kms during 8 days of riding. I never imagined that Mallorca could be so hilly! It seems like every time I left the house it was unavoidable to return without racking up less than 1,000 metres of climbing.

I could write so much about this trip but as usual – I don’t have much time. Back to work tomorrow and I have to build some IKEA furniture, do some food shopping and get my brain into the mindset of a return to reality!

The week went something like this:


It was the first cycle specific training block I have ever done. I was a little apprehensive going into it regarding how I would cope with ‘just’ cycling, but with Philipp it was so great! We had a lot of laughs and we pushed each other a lot on the climbs and it was so great to have him there. On the last big ride I fell on a slippery tight switchback on Coll de Soller and he scraped me off the ground. Luckily it was my pride that suffered more than my bike and body.

It was also interesting to compare how I climb with the internationals that are present on Strava. I didn’t fare too badly. I picked up a couple of QOMs and on the major climbs I was at least in the top 10. But I didn’t see any big names there in the mix except for Katie Colclough Specialized Lululemon rider.

Happy Holidaymakers


Route Planning


Summits (lots of them)


Beautiful Views


Coffee Stops






Next Up – RMVZOL 2. Rennen Brütten

Before I left for Mallorca I competed in my first criterium race in Brütten. I really enjoyed it and it was very exciting. Although I came 5th, I was pretty happy with that as I only rode about 500km in January and March so I had no clue what my form was like, I had a new bike, and the the depth of talent among the women was huge. Emma Pooley came in second place, Swiss international Jutta Steinen in 1st with Jane Nüssli in 3rd. I almost caught the fourth place girl and overtook Sabrina Baumgartner in the sprint to the line. This Sunday I’ll give it another go. Lets see how my legs will have recovered by then!


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