About Manners…

I just read a really interesting article from a guy who used to be a ‘proper cyclist’, about manners and cycling…

It reminded me of the many conversations I have had recently with my friends about people riding their bikes in cities, namely Zurich. So I’d like to dedicate this special share to the guy who passed me on his bike this morning while I was on the way to my German class (at 7.30am). He nearly knocked me off of my bike, broke every single red light, almost knocked another ride off of their bike by crossing his path, and in the end – he arrived about 5 seconds before me to the bridge we both had to cross and…wait for the traffic lights to turn green in order to cross.

I just don’t get it. I hear so many cyclists complaining about how dangerous driver’s are, yet I would say the ratio of drivers I see crossing red lights to cyclists crossing red lights on a daily basis is about 0:10


Another thing Dan talks about is this silly obsession about weight among amateur low Cat. riders. When I used to be a lightweight rower and stand on a weighing scales that needed to show that I was under 57.0 kg in order to be allowed to start – weight was a very important issue. But Amateur cyclists obsessing about weight? Not healthy and downright silly. For many of the Pro.’s, who depend on performance to make a living, it is already a fine line between being strong and losing power due to weight loss. There is no need for Amateur’s to walk that line – nevermind introduce a culture of bad manners and judgement based on weight and appearance!

Enjoy the read –

Musings from a one-time “proper” cyclist

April 27, 2013

Is being a cyclist an excuse to forget your manners? Some people reading this may well say, “That’s not me.” If so, that’s a great thing, you’ve passed.

You don’t use ‘being a cyclist’ as a means to excuse yourself of manners or common sense, or consider yourself a successfully sociable human being. What I mean is, as a pedestrian would you just walk out across a junction ignoring the traffic lights? No! So why exactly don’t the rules apply to you any more when you swing a leg over your bike, allowing you to think it’s fine to jump red lights?

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